Beauty Spotlight: Sunday Riley

Since 2009, Sunday Riley’s modern skincare has revolutionised the beauty industry. Using the highest quality active ingredients that have proven results, Sunday has managed to create a cult following. Here are a few of the products that highlight the importance of healthy complexion:

Good Genes Lactic Acid treatment

This all-in-one corrective treatment repairs and brightens the skin using 5% purified grade lactic Acid, licorice and lemongrass. The ingredients exfoliate layers of the skin to reveal a fresher complexion. The acid promotes skin renewal and collagen production to reduce lines and dark spots. This powerful product is best applied at night, so it can sink in and get to work.

How to: Apply 1-2 pumps to clean skin as a leave on treatment. For sensitive skin, use as a mask with 1-3 pumps for 15 minutes, rinse well and pat dry.Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser

As spoken about on The Beauty Files once before, you can’t forget this product. It is an everyday cleanser that diminishes pores and keeps your skin looking radiant and fresh. Using french clay, vitamins and essential oils, Ceramic Slip is like having a facial every time you cleanse.

How to: Apply cleanser to skin and massage thoroughly. For a more intense cleanse, leave on for 1 minute before rinsing.

Flora Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil

This facial oil is the ultimate skin elixir. It is formulated to improve skin elasticity and the appearance of fine lines, but it does so much more. The botanical ingredients are a cold-pressed blend of seed oils that nourish dry skin and calm any inflammation.

How to: Apply in the morning to clean skin or mix in with your foundation or sunscreen.

Blue Moon Tranquility Cleansing Balm

Cleansing balms are the most gentle way to cleanse your face if you have sensitive or irritated skin. This sugar-based balm retains the hydration in your skin without stripping or drying out your face. This product is infused with cocoa butter, german chamomile & beeswax to soothe any skin type. This is like a spa at home.

How to: To cleanse, massage gently onto dry skin for a few minutes. Use a warm cloth to take off as the the balm will turn milky as it cleanses the skin. To mask, leave on for 20 minutes to reveal a healthy glow.

By Christy Mcalister


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