Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine

With the days getting warmer as the seasons change, your beauty routine should change with it. Your skin has to adjust to the change of weather, so altering what products you use everyday is important. Using lighter and fewer products in spring is guaranteed to give you happier looking skin.

Change your fragrance

Switching up your scent for the season is a must. floral or citrus notes are perfect for the season of spring. Jo Malone Basil & Neroli is perfect for this season giving off delicate notes of citrus & basil. Lightly spray on your pulse points and hair for a long lasting scent.

Change your oils & creams for something lighter

In winter we stock up on heavy creams and facial oils to keep our dry, itchy skin moisturised. It’s time to trade them in for a lighter serum or gel. Codage N’03 Éclat & Energie replenishes and detoxifies your skin to give you a healthy, glowing complexion. Apply on clean skin before heavier products for optimal results.

Use a primer

In the more humid months, your makeup is more likely to slide and slip off your face. Using a base before you apply foundation is a crucial step to allow your makeup to sit perfectly all day long. Chanel Le Blanc is a multi use base that brightens your complexion and primes the face for a perfect canvas to start the day.

Incorporate SPF into your routine

One of the most important parts of your beauty routine should be sunscreen. Protection from the sun is crucial, especially going from winter to spring. Shiseido Oil-Free UV Protector promotes having beautiful skin by protecting you against UV rays, oxidation and the over production of sebum. Apply at the end of your routine, before makeup.

By Christy McAlister

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