Caring for Coloured Hair

Hair will always require a little extra attention when you dye it, no matter what shade you go. Colored hair is more exposed to daily aggressions so having customized care is essential. Stocking up your hair care with nutrients and active ingredients will ensure that the colour lasts long after the salon visit. Scroll down for products that preserve and protect your luminous shade:

Soaking your hair in a treatment is so important, especially if you frequently colour your hair. Davines MINU hair mask is ideal for coloured hair. The formula deeply nourishes the hair to make it soft and improves the duration of the colour. It features the active ingredient salina caper which is rich in polyphenols that have a protective action of colour. Use this once a week instead of conditioner, leave on for 20 mins and rinse.

Choosing the right shampoo for coloured hair can be difficult as it can’t strip or dry the hair as the colour would fade. Kerastase Bain ThĂ©rapiste is a shampoo with a unique jellified texture that repairs the hair fibre while shampooing. It is formulated for very damaged and over-processed hair to revitalise and shine every fibre. Shampoo every 3-4 days as using shampoo to often isn’t good for retaining the dye.

Between colours, cleaning your hair and scalp is essential. Starting with a clean slate to colour your hair is a great way to maintain the shine. Using a hair scrub exfoliates the scalp and cleans off any dead skin cells and dirt that your shampoo can’t reach. Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt is a great detoxifying treatment for when your hair is highly processed. This products is great because it can also be used as a post-colour treatment to sooth tingling and itching sensations.

A big part of colouring your hair is the beautiful gloss that comes with it. A glaze is a top coat treatment that nourishes and revitalises your dyed hair. A glaze is very acidic and closes the hair and the cuticle to give your hair an extremely smooth surface that will reflect a lot more light. Oribe Glaze for Beautiful colour is an at home glaze treatment that will stop making you go to the salon for good. Using once a week in place of conditioner, this product will intensify and add vibrancy to the colour in your hair.

Styling coloured hair can be so easy with help from a spray to hold everything in place. Tresemme shine magnifying fixing spray is part of their ‘Colour Revitalise’ line that works to maximise the shine from the hair colour. This spray is brushable and doesn’t feel anything like hairspray. It can be moved to suit how you like your hair to sit, and it doesn’t leave a hard texture on your head. This spray is perfect for sticking down the fly-always on the top of your hair.


By Christy McAlister

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