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Skincare routines are constantly changing. We are always looking for faster and longer-lasting results. With better formulas, targeted results and customisation options, a serum is a new step that everyone should get on board with.

What is a serum?

A serum is a skincare product made up of smaller molecules to penetrate the skin deeper then other products. Serums can target any number of skin concerns due to their potent concentration of active ingredients. You apply a serum day and night (depending on the serum) after you cleanse your face.

Acne Prone

Vitamin C is ideal for congested or acne prone skin as it boosts natural collagen and speeds up the skins repair process. The Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum is so effective on blemished skin as it speeds up the healing process and eliminates any dark spots that comes with it. This serum dramatically improves skin’s firmness and elasticity because of the concentration of vitamin c.

Ageing Skin


A powerful ingredient to combat wrinkles and discolouration is vitamin A. It increases skin cell quality and promotes collagen production to reverse signs of aging. Verso Super Facial Serum uses Retinol 8 which is a stabilized Vitamin A complex to improve the overall appearance of your skin and minimise any discolouration.

Dry skin

Avène Hydrating Serum is diffused with thermal spring water to add hydration and soothe any sensation of discomfort. This amount of hydration will promote the effectiveness of any skincare routine. This products will build up your skins hydration barrier and will enhance any treatment applied over the top of it.

Inflamed Skin

Having porcelain or fair skin is beautiful, but sometimes leads to redness or inflammation. Known as rosacea, this skin condition can start with flushing and end in stinging sensations. Ren Anti-Redness Serum uses milk polypeptides to boost your skin’s tolerance to redness and strengthen skin to keep it looking younger for longer.

Dull Skin


A perfect way to get luminous, healthy skin is by using brightening properties in your skincare. Chantecaille Blanc Gardenia Brightening Essence is a light yet potent serum that features powerful botanical extracts to brighten age spots and discolouration to promote a more even-toned complexion.


By Christy McAlister

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