The Top 5 Sheet Masks

Originating from Korea, sheet masks have taken over the beauty world targeting every skin concern and offer a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. The sheet is soaked in potent serums to deliver fast and effective results by using the sheet as a barrier allowing the ingredients to penetrate deeply. Leaving a treatment on for a prolonged amount of time will guarantee you get the most effectiveness out of the product.

Tip: Use the excess content as a serum the next day

Estée Lauder Powerfoil Mask

This mask uses innovative repair technology to soothe and renew damaged or dry skin. The foil acts as a barrier so the powerful ingredients can sink deeply in the skin and help lock in moisture. Featuring a high dose of hyaluronic acid, this masks works to revitalise and nourish damaged skin and repair any damage your skin has.

Tatcha Deep Hydration Lifting Mask

Inspired by traditional silken masks used by Geishas, this sheet mask contains an anti-aging serum infused with coconut water and red algae to powerfully enrich your skin with vital anti-oxidants.  Each mask is uses an entire coconut to plump the skin with a method that has been used for centuries.

Dr. Jart Ceramidin Nanoskin Sheet Mask

This silky mask infuses ceramide which acts like a barrier that prevents moisture from evaporating while plumping skin using nanoskin fabric. This mask is perfect for your night routine as your more susceptible to moisture loss at night.

SKII Facial Treatment Mask

This extremely indulgent mask is infused with pitera essence which is a clear liquid high in vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids. This ingredient was discovered by SKII to dramatically improve the skin’s texture and immerse your skin in moisture and nutrients.

Sephora Pearl Face Mask

This natural lyocell fiber mask perfects and brightens the skin with natural pearl to create a more revitalized complexion and brighten dark spots in the skin. Not only does this mask deliver quick results but is also price friendly ($6)

By Christy McAlister


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