5 Easy Ways To Take Care Of Your Hair In Summer

In the midst of the season of heat, uv rays and salt water can wreak havoc on your tresses. Just as you would protect your skin from the harsh heat, you should take just as much care to protect your hair.

The sun can weaken and dry out the hair and with enough exposure, even change your texture. Scroll down for the ultimate guide to protecting your locks this summer.

Protect Your Hair From The Sun

Using a product with UVA/ UVB protection will shield you from your hair becoming brittle and dry from the sun. The Drybar Hot Toddy Heat And Uv Protectant is a lightweight creme contains artichoke leaf extract to hydrate and protect the hair cuticle in the hot weather. Also infused with SPF, this product will prevent any dehydration, sun damage and colour fading to leave you with healthy hair at the beach.

Nourish The Ends With Oil

Hair oils are the best way to moisturise your ends as they are nutrient-rich and can penetrate the hair deeper the creams and gels. The Ouai Rose Hair And Body Oil uses a infusion of shea and rosehip oils to smooth the hair and deliver intense hydration. This is perfect for a quick fix when your on the go, just add to wet or dry hair to lock in moisture all day long.

Switch To A Hydrating Shampoo And Conditioner

During the dryer months, extra hydration is key – and it all begins with what you wash your hair with. R + Co Moisturising Shampoo And Conditioner brings life back to your hair after being in the sun and dehydrating your strands. This botanical duo is enriched with vegetable protein and babassu oil to quench every part of your hair to give you the sleek tresses you’ve been dreaming of.

Avoid Heat Tools

Using heat tools when hair is already damaged can make it frizzy, dry and broken down. Using air drying products instead of a blow dryer or straightener is the best alternative to give your hair a natural style. Bumble And Bumble Don’t Blow It Creme is a weightless hair styler that enhances the hairs natural features to keep style beautiful without the fuss.

Saturate Your Strands Before Swimming

Covering your hair with a leave in conditioner or mask before you go swimming will protect your hair from absorbing all the salt water or chlorine. Living Proof No-Frizz Leave In Conditioner is the perfect product to drench your hair in moisture and leave it frizz free from all the humidity summer gives us.

By Christy McAlister

Image: Goop.com

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