Beauty Brands Who Use Crystals In Their Products

Crystals have been used in beauty for centuries, so using it in skincare today brings endless health benifits. They can provide a unique therapeutic vibration that can calm inflammation, ease anxiety, promote healing and help with circulation. The use of crystals in skincare is becoming more and more popular thanks to their physical and spiritual properties. Scroll down for the best crystal based beauty brands bringing the zen to your routine.

Girl Undiscovered

This New Zealand based skincare brand is making waves in the beauty industry, and there’s a good reason why. Girl Undiscovered uses raw ingredients harvested from some of the purest environments in the world. One product to look out for is the waterfall crystal cleansing water which is blended with citrine and rose quartz to purify your complexion using strong vibrational stones.

Minenssey Skincare

Sydney based skincare brand Minenssey has created 4 natural clay masks infused with pure Australian clay and gemstone extracts for luminous, bright skin. The clay balances the pH level in the skin and soaks up excess oil and dirt to renew the skins surface and reveal a clean, revitalised complexion.

Aquarian Soul

Sourcing ingredients from all areas of nature, Aquarian Soul is the hub for all things crystal. From bath soaks to body oils, this brand has a exclusive collection of products infusing crystals with high quality botanicals to gain the highest results.

Själ Skincare

Mother and daughter duo Karen and Kristin Petrovich created själ in 2001 in a holistic approach to infuse ancient traditions with modern science. The line features products using precious ingredients such as gold, platinum and gemstones to energise the skin and supercharge your spirit.

By Christy Mcalister

Photo: rock and co

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