How To Get To Sleep Faster

Sleep is a essential part of maintaining general well-being and calming physical strain. Your body needs it in order to rejuvenate, grow muscle, repair tissue and reset from all the tension during the day. Not getting enough sleep can disrupt your bodily rhythm and effect your overall quality of life. According to the National Sleep Foundation, sleep is as essential as food and water for health and survival. These are the easy steps to get to sleep faster so you can get back to doing everything else.



Your mind needs to slow down before you sleep, so taking the time to wind down before sleeping is essential to sleep through the night peacefully. If you instantly try to go to sleep after doing an activity, the mind will still be awake and this causes you to wake up during the night. If you get stuck in a train of thought while going to sleep and forget to breathe deeply and relax, your muscles tense and moves to a panic “I’m not falling asleep” mode. Put the effort in slowing down and create an relaxing atmosphere with a magnesium salt bath or soothing shower. Another way to create a calm space is to burn a candle in your bedroom before you get ready for bed to let the scent infuse the room ready for when you go to sleep.



Looking at blue light from phone and computer screens send signals to your brain that effect the production of melatonin which is an essential chemical that your brain needs for sleep. Looking at social media before bed is highly distributive to your sleep as it usually brings out some degree of anxiety. Reading a book or a magazine before bed each night creates a ritual that separates going to sleep from all the stresses in daily life. This will increase your quality of sleep and fend anxiety off from your bedtime.

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To sleep well and feel good, you need to take those extra steps to take care of yourself everyday. Rather then sleeping in whatever you can find, consider investing in some good quality sleepwear that will make you feel soft and comfortable. Basic good quality pjamas or nighties can change your mind set for sleep as something sacred and special. Your bed is for sleep and sex – nothing else. If you can make your bed a space of relaxation and make a specific outfit for sleep it will be much more rewarding when you wake up.



Aromatherapy has been proven to aid in falling asleep faster with is therapeutic benefits. Oils like lavender and chamomile create a serene feeling to calm and relax the mind and body. There are many ways you can use aromatherapy in your bedroom like using a oil diffuser, a cotton ball by your bedside, a linen spray and even dabbing some on your pulse points. You can also incorporate aromatherapy in your bath time as the steam and scent from the bath will help you clear your airways.



It might seem simple but using a sleep masks is one of the most effective ways to fall asleep faster. Blocking out all the light including small alarm clocks, phones and even moonlight will help the mind reach a peaceful state. Sleep masks also help protect the skin around your eyes from getting damaged while you sleep. Rolling around on your pillow case can leave imprints of the wrinkles of the pillow on your face and can pull your skin and eventually cause wrinkles and other damage to your complexion. Always opt for a silk sleep mask as the fabric will feel weightless and wont absorb the beauty products you apply before sleep.



To go to sleep around the same time every night sets a pattern for your brain to follow. We often assume we can make up lost sleep by going to bed earlier the next night, but the body’s ability to sleep depends on consistency and a repeated routine. Creating this routine will cut down the amount of time you spend waiting to get to sleep and exchange your general well-being as your body is in a strict pattern.

By Christy McAlister

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