The Rise Of Personalised Beauty

Personalization is everywhere and it’s found itself in the beauty world. As more and more skincare products get released, it makes you wonder if ‘one size fits all’ is good enough. With an endless amount of products on the market, different brands are making sure their products are tailored to their customer for more efficacy, brand loyalty and results. Keep scrolling for the brands that are changing the rules of beauty, one custom-made bottle at a time.



New York based natural beauty brand the buff has become widely known because of their all natural customised beauty oils. From geranium to to tee tree oil, this brand has what it takes to create the perfect product for all of their customers. Every face or body oil is completely free of any synthetic ingredients and comes with a gorgeous monogram of your initials on the front of your customised blend.


Just like skin, hair can vary so differently from person to person, so function of beauty creates customised shampoo and conditioner for your type and texture of hair. On their site you can take a quiz on the different characteristics and concerns you have for your hair, and they will turn that into your own product specifically formulated for you.



Curologys belief is that one good product can trump them all, and that’s exactly what they make. By filling out a detailed questionnaire and submitting bare photos of your skin, each customers skin concerns is shown to a dermatologist who can speak to you anytime about your skincare needs and develops a specific cream depending on the your needs. This takes the time (and money) out of trying to fix the problems on your own terms and will be sure to radically improve your complexion.


Found in a little suburb of London, the experimental perfume club pushes the boundaries by allowing each customer to formulate their own personal scent. Finding your signature fragrance is hard as there is so many on the market, so this company believe that you can cut out the middle man and make one yourself. You can also book a one-on-one session with a perfumer who will help you blend a fragrance that’s perfect for you.

By Christy McAlister

Photo: Lilfox Miami

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