The Woman Behind The Highly Coveted Vintners Daughter Serum

To create a serum loved by celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow and Naomi Watts has to be worth all the hype. April Gargiulo couldn’t find a product out there that worked hard enough, so she created one that is non-toxic, 100% active and made without fillers to rid any skin type of acne, fine lines and pigmentation. Here, the woman behind it all tells us how she took her need for the ultimate multi-tasking product and turned it into an empire.

CM: What lead you to create Vintner’s Daughter?

AG: It all began when I was pregnant with my first daughter. I realized that the “luxury” skincare products I was using were anything but: They were often filled with inexpensive, low-quality filler that was unsafe. Beyond that, though, they often contained less than 1% active ingredients. I was unsatisfied, to say the least, and didn’t want to have to compromise activity, quality, or safety.

“When I realised that my dream, desert island product didn’t exist, I set out to create one. “

It had to effectively treat my problem skin — safely — and in one, single step, because I didn’t have time for a lengthy regimen.

CM: What is the story behind the name Vintner’s Daughter?

AG: Most people think I named the brand after myself, since I am, in fact, a vintner’s daughter. I didn’t, though — Vintner’s Daughter is actually named after my eldest daughter, since I was inspired to create Active Botanical Serum when I was pregnant with her.

CM: How did your wine making background help with creating the active botanical serum?

AG: Using the highest-quality ingredients and honoring them through a meticulous formulation process go hand-in-hand in fine winemaking. Short-cuts are not allowed when your goal is to make the finest wine. I simply applied this same philosophy to skincare. At Vintner’s Daughter we do not take short-cuts.  Our process takes weeks versus an industry standard of hours, which is something Vintner’s Daughter uniquely embraces. Being truly rooted in this intentionally slow, time-honored process has given me the fortitude to remain true to our ideals to create only game-changing, category-defining products. I owe that respect of quality over everything to Napa Valley and winemaking.

CM: With 22 active ingredients, the active botanical serum must be packed with potent ingredients. Is it safe for everybody to use?

AG: It is incredibly safe for all skin types, colors, and ages to use — and yes, I even used it when I was pregnant. That said, if you are allergic to a specific ingredient in Active Botanical Serum, you shouldn’t use it.

CM: What has the journey of starting your own company been like so far?

AG: It is incredible and quite honestly I don’t know that I would be fit to do anything else. I have such a clear vision for what Vintner’s Daughter is and will be and that journey feels like the most exciting and terrifying thing in equal measure. The community of passionate, smart, inspiring women that I have met as a result of this business has been the greatest gift by far. Our customers, fellow business owners, our team, social followers, stockists, press and makeup artists. The Vintner’s Daughter community is so strong and supportive. I feel very grateful.

CM: How long is the process of making the serum?

AG:Uniquely, Active Botanical Serum begins with whole plants and as a result It takes about three weeks to formulate. This is unheard of in the world of fast beauty, but our intentionally lengthy, time-honored formulation process ensures  that every bit of critical nutrition from our whole botanicals is captured in our formula. The skin-restoring power of these botanicals is what drives noticeable results and a fundamental change in your skin.

CM: The active botanical serum is everywhere and has become a cult product for so many people, how is it different from anything else on the market?

AG: Active Botanical Serum is 100% active, which is unheard of in the industry. Every single one of our 22 ingredients is included at an active level, without any filler ingredients, so you’re truly treating your skin with each application. This high level of activity, paired with our multi-correctional formula, is what generates transformation in all skin types, colors, and ages. Our serum clears up acne, smoothes fine lines, strengthens the skin’s barrier, and gives you an unmistakable glow, among many other things. Many of our customers stop wearing foundation altogether, which is something we never tire of hearing.

CM: Did you have skin problems of your own growing up?

AG: Yes! I have struggled with problem skin my whole life. From cystic acne to discoloration to all the fun stuff that goes along with aging, I understand how one’s complexion can affect their self esteem. I’ve been there. Active Botanical Serum was made for problem skin, and I’ve found it to be a one-stop-shop to countless skin concerns. Clear, consistent skin is truly priceless and it starts with nutrition.

CM: What does your current skincare routine look like?

AG: For me, less is more, and Active Botanical Serum allows me (and others) to use as few as three steps. I start with a gentle cleanser to take the day off, and follow up with a lactic acid-based essence. I find that this step perfectly preps my skin for Active Botanical Serum. When my skin is still a bit damp from the essence, I apply Active Botanical Serum with our Push/Press Method. In the morning, I follow up with an SPF.  So easy, but the pay off is big.

CM: Finally, What is the best piece of beauty advice you have ever received?

AG: “Beauty is a light in the heart. Shine your unique, beautiful light.”

You can purchase the Vintners Daughter Active Botanical Serum Here
Interviewed by Christy McAlister

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