A Guide To Waking Up With Perfect Hair

We all have the mornings where doing your hair seems impossible. Virtually nobody wakes up with perfect hair, so a little prep the night before can transform your messy locks into a perfect hair style. Scroll down for what to do before you hit the lights to take the hassle out of doing your hair and letting sleep do the work.



Mastering the relaxed beach wave with a heat tool can prove to be to harder then anticipated with either curls that are too ‘done’ or curls that aren’t curls at all. For simple, tousled waves add sea salt spray to wet hair before bed. The sea salt spray will soak into the hair and give it amazing texture and volume. Create two french braids and continue down the hair as far down as possible, and finish off with elastics. The tighter the braid the tighter the curl, so adjust your braids to the level of volume you want the waves to have. Dry the hair before you braid as tying up wet hair can lead to breakage.


Creating the perfect straight sleek hair starts the night before. Begin with using an overnight treatment like a serum or oil to nourish the ends and prevent unwanted volume. Use a boar bristle brush to smooth and separate the hair without creating a frizz. Tie the hair in a sleek low pony tail with a silk ribbon. The silk helps to keep the hair in place but doesn’t crease or pull your hair while you sleep.


Going to sleep can be scary knowing that your expensive blowout might not be there when you wake up. Spray your hair with a light coat of hairspray and roll your hair into two buns. Slipping the buns into a silk head wrap will maintain the shape and texture of your curls as silk doesn’t absorb moisture out of the hair during the night.

By Christy McAlister

Photos: Pintrest

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