The Best Beauty And Wellness Podcasts To Listen To On Your Daily Commute

Switching your music for a podcast on your daily grind could be one of the smartest things you can do to start the morning right. The amount of knowledge and inspiration you can absorb from the people behind the mic is endless. Whether it’s learning about the truth about ingredients in skincare or getting a real education about nutrition – this list has got you covered.

Lemon Water

The Lemon Water Podcast hosted by Michelle Siman will change the way you look at modern wellness, fitness and nutrition. Every question you have about the world of wellness will be answered by Michelle and her array of informative and inspirational guests.

Fat Mascara

Any beauty news that appears, Fat Mascara will have it first. Beauty editors Jess and Jenn have every celebrity makeup, hair and facialist under the sun in their recording room unveiling common misconceptions of the beauty world and sharing the tricks of the trade. Together, these two will debunk beauty myths, report the hottest makeup trends and test every beauty product so you don’t have to.

Breaking Beauty

Longtime Beauty editors Carline Higgins and Jill Dunn team up to provide you with the best news in beauty products and the founders behind them. In conversation with all the big names in the industry, Breaking Beauty takes you on a inspirational journey through all the leading brands of skincare, makeup and fragrance and explores exactly what it takes to create such an empire.

Mind Body Green

Guru of all things health and wellness Jason Wachob talks to doctors, CEO’s and health experts about diet, medicine, mental illness, exercise and spirituality. Mind Body Green guides you through Holistic and intuitive approach to creating a better you through mind, body, spirit and environment around you.

By Christy McAlister

Photo: Bella Hadid

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