The Best Self Tanners To Fake A Summer Glow

It’s always nice to have a bronzed tan in the middle of winter, but does it risk looking orange or too dark? A gradual tan will slowly transition your pale skin into a golden brown. Scroll down for the best gradual tanners to give you a subtle, sun kissed glow (no orange guaranteed).

Miranda Kerr knows how important it is to be sun-safe in Australia. So in her efforts to still maintain a beautiful tan, she made her Cosmos Certified Organic Gradual Tanner. Packed with nourishing ingredients like Noni extract, Rose hip and sea buckthorn oils, this self tan will make you look like you have just spent a day at Bondi all year round.

If you haven’t spotted it all over your Instagram feed, the Tan Luxe Illuminating Self-tan Drops offers a tailor-made way to bronze your body. You can add a few drops into your body moisturiser or straight onto the skin for the level of darkness you want. Not only does this product smell delicious, but it’s perfect for transitioning your skin tone from season to season.

The Beauty Dept Summer Gradual Tan is all an effortless tan that keeps your skin feeling nourished. Moisturising ingredients like Shea butter, Coconut and Macadamia oils all come together to make a whipped body cream that will give your skin a hydrated, golden glow.

Bad smelling tan is a thing of the past, and the Luna Bronze Gradual Tanning Moisturiser proves you can have a beautifully scented tanner using naturally sourced ingredients. Infused with Madarin, orange and Australian lemon myrtle fragrance, this self-tan will keep you looking bronzed and smelling great.

The Organic Pharmacy Self Tan is formulated with rare Ecocert-approved DHA derived from sugar beets that will subtlety bronze your skin without streaks or marks. The creamy, non-toxic blend is easy to use and creates an unbelievably natural tan that you can reapply every two days.

Photo: Pinterest

By Christy McAlister

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