Lisa Holowaychuk, Holistic Nutritionist And Skin Coach

Taking care of yourself goes far beyond a beauty routine, but it’s the small things that can lead to loving yourself to the fullest. Lisa Holowaychuk lives by focusing on deep healing of the mind, body and spirit as they are the foundational starters to get to a happy place. Here, we speak to her about nutrition, beauty coming from the inside and what it really takes to live your best life.

What does being healthy mean to you?

Being healthy to me means rediscovering your best self, fulfilling your life’s purpose, being 100% authentically you, and living in your healthiest body, mind, and soul. This looks different for all of us, and I see great beauty in that. We’re all so beautifully unique. How healthy are our relationships, are we doing what we love, are we following a way of eating just because others are – but its not vibing with our body, do we feel worthy of love, being healthy, getting our dream job, how’s our sex life, what’s our home life like and more.

I believe all of this contributes to our state of health! It’s not just about healthy food, movement, and water, although those are foundational and important.  Sometimes we can be doing all the “right things”, but still be experiencing a whole heap of symptoms. Therefore if we have lots of negative relationships in our life,  a job that makes us sad or unfulfilled, and expect to feel our best, it most likely won’t happen. We have to address the parts, to heal the whole. No amount of avocados and greens will heal those deeper blocks to living and rediscovering your best self.

Is there one piece of nutrition advice you have for everyone?

Tap into your own inner intuition, it will always guide you. We’re all different, therefore need different things to not just survive, but thrive.  Sadly, as a society we’ve been tapped out of this intuition. We grew up being told what to do, and when, so we follow the lead, instead of looking inwards to see the next step. This my life’s mission  – to tap people back into their innate power, as I believe it’s our one true superpower that we all possess.

What exercises do you do to keep you grounded?

I’m a naturally pretty grounded person, as I’m a innate introvert, so I have no issues coming back into my body, being still,  nurturing my alone time, and reflection. These are my nature states. But things that help are always walking, some form of meditation (not always just sitting, as I enjoy  moving meditations), being in nature (earthing), waking up at 5AM, hot epsom salt baths with essential oils, and having a really good nourishing dinner with loved ones that know me to my core, and celebrate my true authenticity.

What are the staples in your cupboard?

-Good quality olive oil

-pumpkin + sunflower seeds ( I resonate with seeds more, as most nuts are harder to digest)

-Himalayan salt

-90-95% dark / organic chocolate

-spices (turmeric, cayenne, curry powder, black pepper, cumin….)

-brown rice

-teas – copious amounts of organic herbal teas + genmaicha green tea

-ceremonial grade matcha

-organic fair trade coffee

-coconut oil

-collagen powder

-high quality herbs  + tinctures ( I work a lot with herbs in my practice instead of supplements – so I make + prescribe my clients infusions – along with high quality targeted supplements when needed)

-sundried tomatoes

-raw local honey

What does self care look like?

Self-care goes beyond the baths, and face masks for me. My self-care is more of the deeper work that I do  – shadow work, speaking to my spirit guides ( a little woo-woo for some but I fully believe), and constantly soaking up knowledge. Caring for my self encompasses body, mind, and soul and is a daily practice, it’s like a hobby for me, and is so ingrained in my life. So I instill self-care into my every day, and combine the physical (green beauty products, masks, oils) with the mental / emotional (meditation, soul work, deeper inner work).

How important is having beauty ritual everyday?

I love rituals, especially when it comes to our skin, it’s one of my great passions. Especially after suffering from hormonal acne, which took its toll on my skin, and self-confidence.  I find great peace in calming beauty rituals. Beauty rituals specifically have an essence , and energy about them that allows us to be still, to ground us into our bodies, and to take care of ourselves on a deeper level. I don’t know when the intense culture of hustle took over… as most of my clients find it so difficult to pour back into themselves. I have to give them homework to find these rituals in the everyday! I look at beauty rituals as bookends to my days.

What are your three beauty commandments?

1. Copious amounts of quality water (filtered, spring, alkaline)

2. Do not touch your face  – once I wash my face in the morning, put on my oils, and a little RMS concealer, it’s completely hands – off  (when I had acne I was a “picker” it was compulsive, so I’ve learned so many lessons along the way, and this was a huge one, and something I follow religiously)

3. Realise your self-worth + unique beauty – If we don’t  believe we’re worthy of healing or having our best skin, it will be very hard to get there. This would probably be the number one thing I see in my practice. It all starts within. What’s within, is forever and always reflected outwards. Especially with our skin, as it’s an mirror to what’s going on inside of us on a very cellular level! What goes in, must come out.

What’s your favourite food to feed your skin?

So many, so it’s  hard to name one, but these  are a small handful of my staples!




-wild salmon




-red peppers


Your best piece of beauty advice?

Love yourself above all else. Not from the “ego” which we’re usually operating from, but from a deep, deep place of peace, and love. We’re 1 in 8 billion, so no one has the lips, eyes, mouth, skin that you do. That is unique beauty. Embrace, and know that you hold the power. Nothing is more beautiful or magnetic than being your true authentic self!

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