Clare McGrowdie, Founder of Bond Clean Beauty

Makeup artist Clare McGrowdie has worked with celebrities across the fashion, film and TV industry and has earned her stripes in painting faces of stars in front of the lens. After a medical battle with autoimmune disease and a strong warning to stay away from toxic chemicals, Clare was astounded by how many chemicals were in your everyday product. In a search to find the best naturally sourced beauty products, Clare got hooked and brought Bond Clean Beauty.

What was your first experience with makeup? 

My first experience with makeup was playing at my mothers and grandmothers dressing tables with their makeup. They both had old school dressing tables where you would sit down on a stool and were surrounded by mirrors and your most prestigious makeup and perfume would be out on display. A little bit like top shelf! I would sit there for hours playing with all the colours and textures and making myself up as well. There were many times a velcro roller would have to be cut from my hair!

What is one of your favourite memories of working on set with celebrities? 

There are a few that come to mind, but I think the most amazing working adventure would be going to Cannes Film Festival with Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin for the world premiere of The Great Gatsby. It opened Cannes Film Festival that year as well. It was none stop for 3 days… but when you’re getting ready at Hotel Du Cap in Antibes and the excitement of the festival is a buzz around you, press events, parties, dinners… I don’t think anything will ever compare!

Everything you do before 9am?

I am incredibly slow in the mornings! I always start the day by cleaning my tongue and teeth before having warm water and fresh lemon drink. Then I will have coffee and a berry bowl with coconut and almonds.

I love to sit on the couch in our lounge room in the Blue Mountains and watch the sun rise with breakfast. It’s really peaceful and seems like the world is miles away. If I have a later start I will do some Yoga and/or meditation as the sun starts to come into the room or if I’m on the move that day, then it’s full steam ahead, I am usually emailing with my international contacts before their day has ended, then off to shower, makeup, get dress and out the door.

3 beauty products you cannot live without?

Cleanser, Serum and a Balm! I love to wash the day away. I am a double cleanse person, which means I will remove my makeup with an oil and muslin cloth (I use MV Organic Skincare’s 9 Oil Cleansing Tonic and Muslin Cloth), Then I will use Gressa Skin’s Purifying Cleanser (which is a gel to foam cleanser).

For my serum’s I will use 5 drops of In Fiore’s ‘Calm Complexe’ mixed with 3 drops In Fiore ‘Comfrey Botanical Solution’ Both of these serums are incredibly calming to skin that suffers inflammation, but also help to create circulation, bring down redness and clear any skin breakouts.

Then at night time on top of my serum, I will apply In Fiore’s ‘Fleur Vibrante Instant Radiance Compact Balm’, a balm that penetrates deeply to restore skin’s optimal moisture levels and provides immediate soothing relief. This treat offers hydration, repairs tissue damage, treats poor circulation and fine lines and protects the skin from sun and environmental damage with a triple infusion of Jasmine, Calendula and Sea Buckthorn. An amazing anti-ageing treat!

With more and more people making the conscious decision not to put chemicals on their skin, do you think natural beauty could be the new norm? 

I believe so. Natural beauty will be the new norm and the future of luxury beauty as well. When you look at any product on the market the active ingredient is always the natural ingredient, not the chemical. Can you imagine a product with only natural ingredients and no cheap synthetic or harmful fillers? The only reason the other ingredients are in there is to make a products shelf life last longer, change a texture or bulk it up. To me, that is incredibly cheap and far from luxurious.

The products on the natural market are increasingly outdoing the conventional norm in claims like anti-ageing and acne solutions in clinical trials and there are no harmful side effects. With this said natural products are proven to work and now also perform to the conventional norm standards.

Was it hard to start off in the natural beauty market in Australia?

Yes and no. It was hard starting off as a hair and makeup artist using natural products, which is why I started Bond Clean Beauty. The natural products had to perform as well as the conventional norm and I was used to using high-end products. I loved the packaging and going into a beautiful store to purchase them and my only option was a health food store or pharmacy with natural or worse… make my own! The products didn’t perform the way I was used to or needed them to. They weren’t refined enough. A lot of the time the packaging said natural, but had a labyrinth of harmful ingredients in there… it was just fake marketing and made it even more confusing.

I ended up going down the rabbit hole of finding natural products that worked and performed the way I needed them to, that were safe and luxurious to use as well. I figured if it was hard work for me to find this, it must be incredibly hard for the everyday consumer.

We have had such an amazing and positive response in the Australian market and so many saying they have been looking for a store like Bond Clean Beauty.

What are your personal picks from your store? 

Oh my gosh… where do I begin!

Apart from my 3 beauty products I cannot live without, I never leave home without my In Fiore Solid Perfume – My favourite is the Saffron of Kashmir: Indian saffron attar, neroli, honey, orange flower and sandalwood.

Pursoma –Minerals De Mer Bath Soak– A mix of French Grey sea-salt, wild-harvested seaweed and organic green algae.

Yarok Hair- Feed Your Volume Shampoo and Conditioner

Agent Nateur Deodorant- I love the Holi Man Deodorant – Vetiver, rose, sandalwood, leathery citrus and warm cedar-wood

Vapour Organic Beauty- Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation and Atmosphere Luminous Foundation

Gressa Skin– Lip (Aux Rouge and Bare) and Eye tints (Aureo and Bronce)

Bodha Modern Wellness- Grounding Incense and Eye Mask

Golda- Hiba Wood Atmosphere Spray

Axiology- Lip Crayon in Bliss

The Beauty Chef- Probiotic Skin Refiner.

Lastly, if you could give any advice to somebody longing to be in the industry, what would it be? 

Have passion, be inspired and reach out to those who inspire you. Send that email, make that phone call, say yes to that opportunity. You never know where it will lead you. And lastly find out what motivates you. You can only get so far trying to be someone else, so find what makes you, you.

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