The Best Facial Massagers Of All Time

A quick, foolproof way to de-puff your face, get the most out of your products and create a smooth complexion is to use a facial massage tool. The trick known for generations has found itself in the mainstream beauty world and comes with a new breed of innovative massagers that give you professional facial results without the price tag. Scroll to see our pick below.

Gua sha is an age-old East and Southeast Asian healing technique where a smooth shaped tool is pressed along the skin to reduce wrinkles, stimulate blood flow and increase collagen to give you radiant, bouncy skin. The Odacité Crystal Contour Gua Sha Tool is perfectly shaped to sculpt the jawline and lifting the face to create a firm, youthful complexion in a few simple swipes.

The Nurse Jamie Uplift Beauty Roller is one of the scariest looking tools on the market, and it does absolute wonders for your skin using its 24 massaging stones. In an upwards motion, the tool will give you an energising face lift and instantly revive dull skin for an renewed, younger appearance.

In the mornings when our skin doesn’t look it’s best, the Sensse Facial Contour Definer will wake your face up by massaging your face with the rollers to create a fresher, healthier look. By massaging in and oil or cream, the skin will absorb the benefits of the products whilst stimulating collagen production to improve the skins elasticity.

Hollywood facialist Angela Caglia knows how to get a quick, natural glow within minutes, and her La Vie En Rose Facial Roller is a great way to get it. This ultra-luxe roller will boost lymphatic drainage, stimulate cell turnover and improve circulation to give the complexion an overall plump and brighter appearance.

Sarah Chapman’s unique Facial Massager mimics the exact technique of the facial she performs on her clients. The fast tapping, pinching and knuckling of the skin will help bring out any toxins the skin may have and and give you the immediate post-facial glow without leaving your home.

By Christy McAlister


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