A Guide To Natural Fragrance

There is something else to consider when buying a fragrance other then scent. Ingredients put into perfume can contain potent irritants that can be harmful to you and your skin. Luckily, there are some beautiful, natural fragrances on the market that are worth your attention. Not only do they look and smell beautiful, but the essential oils inside them have many aromatherapy benefits. Scroll down to see our pick of the most gorgeous smelling perfumes without nasty chemicals.

Dirty Lemon by Heretic Perfume

This perfume will make you fall in love with citrus again with the sensual scent of lemon essence, ylang ylang, sandalwood and black pepper. The warm notes will remind you of summer and a bed of lemons for an irresistible tart fragrance that can be worn for any occasion.

Courage By One Seed Perfume

Featuring a bouquet of sweet magnolia, ylang ylang and jasmine and an undertone or amber and wild berry, this scent will ignite your senses with fresh, energising smell of spring. The perfume is inspired by the scents of courage and will influence the wearer to be confident and strong.

Bergamote And Rose Sauvage By 100 Bon

Straight from the country of perfume, this elegant French fragrance is filled with the romantic scents of bergamot, rose and geranium flower. With an innovative refillable and recyclable bottle, the bergamot and rose sauvage will have you coming back to buy more of this carefully crafted fragrance.

L.A Woman Perfume Oil By Bodha In Collaboration With Apiece Apart

California dreaming is what instantly comes to mind when you smell this warm summer scent. With floral citrus, evening jasmine and a hint of smoke, this perfume is meant to be worn by you, for you. The essential oils are dabbed on the neck, pulse points and heart as part of a daily ritual to inspire you to reach your full potential.

Noir by House Of Linnic

The sensual combination of bergamot, clary sage and juniper all come together to create the perfect date night fragrance. Floral, smooth and sweet, this is the sort of scent that could easily become your favourite.

Photo: Rebbekah Campbell

By Christy McAlister

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