The 6 Best Natural Sunscreens Saving One Reef At A Time

As surprising as it is, there are thousands of sunscreens on the market that have been found to kill coral reefs due to their harmful chemical ingredients. Hawaii recently passed a law to ban oxybenzone sunscreens to protect their reefs against bleaching. The reefs located around the Caribbean and Hawaii suffer the most from the chemicals inside sunscreen that people wear everyday. Luckily, there are some brands doing it right with foolproof mineral formulas based around natural ingredients that are safe for your skin and the environment. Shop our picks below.

The Rudolph Organic Sun Face Cream is a nourishing and hydrating face SPF cream that protects the face from harmful UVA and UVB rays and boosts the skin with a natural glow. Infusing soothing camomile and cucumber work to calm inflamed skin and apple extract to turn over cell production, this sunscreen will give you a radiant, younger looking appearance all whilst protecting you from UVA/UVB everyday.

The Coola Mineral Face SPF 30 Cucumber Matte Finish is the ultimate hybrid between suncare and skincare. The line-smoothing antioxidants replenish elasticity and fight free radicals to leave you with hydrated, rejuvenated skin. With the light scent of delicious cucumber, you won’t want to put this sunscreen down all summer.

You’ll never have to worry about looking bad the beach again with the Drunk Elephant Umbra Tinte Physical Daily Defence SPF 30. With the nourishing formula being in between a sunscreen and a tinted moisturiser, you know you can be protected from the harsh sun rays and still have a gorgeous, glowing finish.

With the ultimate streak-free formula, the Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen makes the for the best incognito protection from harmful UV rays. The weightless formula is a perfect base for your favourite makeup and adds an extra dimension of hydration to give you a plump, youthful complexion. With 40 minutes of water protection, you can finally come out of the water looking fresh and

The Beauty Counter Mineral Sunscreen Solid Stick is the perfect mess-free sunscreen for when your on-the-go. The smooth cocoa butter glides over the skin to make for an easy application and will protect from UVA and UVB for 80 minutes in the water to make for a hassle free day at the beach.

By Christy McAlister


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